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Four New Infestations of Invasive Asian Clams Found in Lake George

FUND for Lake George

Four new colonies of invasive Asian clams have been found in Lake George.

Just after Labor Day a volunteer group organized by the Lake George Park Commission began surveying areas of high risk for further spread of Asian Clams in Lake George, including boat launch areas and sandy, shallow areas.  Lake George Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky says they are surveying between 140 and 150 areas of the lake.

Lake George Association Director of Education Emily DeBolt is one of the coordinators for invasive response.  DeBolt says it’s not surprising to see new colonies of the invasive.

Previous infestations of Asian clams in Lake George have been controlled using benthic mats to smother the colony.  Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky is hopeful that by finding new colonies early they can control further spread.

The invasive species was first discovered in the lake several years ago. Emily Debolt says use of benthic mats to control and eradicate the clams have worked, and she hopes the method can be used effectively again.

To work properly, benthic mats must cover the clams for a 45 day period. Divers plan to start laying them in infested areas by the first week of October and the Adirondack Park Agency requires that they be removed by December 14th.