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Springfield, Mass. city council wraps up amendment work on police superintendent, board of commissioners items

The city council in Springfield, Massachusetts has put the finishing touches on several items before a new police superintendent takes office.

Following multiple meetings of debate and votes, the Springfield City Council appeared to wrap up its work relating to incoming Police Superintendent Lawrence Akers, as well as the Board of Police Commissioners.

During a brief meeting Tuesday night, the council approved language to ensure the board, which provides oversight of the police department, does not surrender its abilities to hire and promote under any future memoranda of understanding, like the current board.

Also approved - an amended home rule petition that would not only allow Akers to serve as superintendent past age 65, but also collect for his pension after 65.

State laws appeared to bar Akers from contributing with his superintendent salary - a matter brought forward by Councilor Victor Davila.

"What could have possibly been injustice, has been duly rectified," the councilor said Tuesday.

The petition still requires approval by the state legislature. Akers is slated to replace the retiring Cheryl Clapprood in the months ahead.

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