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Scott vetoes expanded bottle bill

  Piles of bottles
Streetwise Cycle/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain
Piles of bottles

Vermont Governor Phil Scott has vetoed a bill intended to expand the state’s bottle redemption law.

The bill would expand the types of beverage containers, raise container fees and require manufacturers to participate in a “producer responsibility organization” to manage bottle collection.

In his veto message Thursday, Governor Scott said he is concerned it would result in higher prices. Earlier in the day, before he issued the veto, Scott said it makes no sense to change a system that is already working.

“The magnitude of the expansion here is dramatic. It’s the cost and the complication of what we’re trying to do and I just think there’s a simpler way to do it.”

Although the bill had been considered during the legislature’s regular session, it was passed during the veto session on June 20th.