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Local businessman elected mayor of Saranac Lake

Saranac Lake mayor-elect Jimmy Williams
Jimmy Williams for Mayor
Saranac Lake mayor-elect Jimmy Williams

Tuesday’s mayoral election in the village of Saranac Lake has been won by a local business owner who has not previously held office.

Last summer, Saranac Lake Mayor Clyde Rabideau announced he would retire at the end of his term after serving nearly a dozen years in the office.

Three candidates announced campaigns for the seat: Democratic Deputy Mayor Melinda Little, Franklin County Industrial Development Agency CEO Jeremy Evans of the Stronger SL party and Republican businessman Jimmy Williams.

Unofficial results show that Williams won the mayoral race with 599 votes, with Little in second. Williams says he’s eager to begin work.

I am very appreciative of all the support. It was incredible. It came from all parties, family, friends and folks that I have just met or are just getting to know me.

So how are you getting ready to step into the mayoral office, because you don’t get sworn in for a few weeks yet?

April 4th. So I’ll be attending all the meetings. I’ll be meeting with all the department heads and that’ll start today.

What sorts of priorities are you setting out?

I ran on a platform of increasing honesty, transparency and integrity in the village of Saranac Lake’s local government and so that’s my number one priority and that starts with building a good team. So that’s what I’m looking at in the immediate future getting the right people doing the right jobs.

Well, Jimmy, I understand that you have a military background including being a Navy Seal. Is that going to help you as you step into the mayoral office at all?

My last career had a great deal of project management involved in it and I think it will help. Project management and leadership are huge parts of the position here in Saranac Lake.

You also run two businesses in Saranac Lake. I know the mayoral position in the village is part time. Will you be able to do both of those? Are you concerned at all about juggling? This is going to end up being three jobs here.

No I’m not concerned. I’m ready for the task and it’s the number one priority ahead of both of those businesses.

You said April 4th is your swearing in time. How many trustees are new that you’ll be working with?

Two trustees were elected last night and one was a prior trustee and there’s one who is new to the table. But I obviously will be working with these folks for the first time also.

Yeah, this is the first time you’ve held office isn’t it?


Do you find that more exciting than, I want to say, intimidating or what?

I don’t know if I’d use either of those words to describe it. I think I’m eager to get started and make forward progress. I’m not intimidated and I’m not excited in the traditional sense. I guess I’m just ready and eager to get to work.

Saranac Lake voters also elected Kelly Brunette, an incumbent, and Matt Scollin to the village board.

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