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Bernie Sanders Says If He Wins New York, He'll Win The White House

Bernie Sanders at Vermont rally 3-1-16
Pat Bradley/WAMC

Bernie Sanders is telling thousands of supporters in New York City that if he wins the state's primary, he will win the White House. 

The Democratic presidential candidate says voter turnout in April 19's primary could affect the trajectory of his campaign. The Empire State has 247 delegates up for grabs, the second largest haul in the primary season.

Sanders was joined at the rally Thursday night in the Bronx by actress Rosario Dawson, director Spike Lee and singer Residente. They spoke of Bernie's support for women and for Puerto Rico in its debt crisis.

Sanders drew on his experience growing up in Brooklyn. He reiterated his positions on fighting income inequality, creating a single-payer healthcare system and raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton will release a $10 billion plan aimed at revitalizing manufacturing in Syracuse on Friday, part of an effort to highlight her work as a senator from New York ahead of that state's primary later this month.

The Democratic presidential candidate plans to set off on a nostalgia-infused campaign tour designed to remind primary voters of her deep connection to their state.

She's preparing for a drag-out fight in New York. Rival Bernie Sanders grew up in Brooklyn. He is targeting younger liberals in New York City and working-class voters upstate.

Campaign aides said Clinton will hold a series of events upstate with her husband, former President Bill Clinton. The events will highlight her record as a two-term senator and her work helping more economically-depressed parts of the region.

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