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Anti-Casino Group Pushes Back


Stones are being thrown in the ongoing battle to "Save East Greenbush,"   after the anti-casino group released results of an election-day exit poll that found voters overwhelmingly against building a gaming hall on Thompson Hill Road.

Developer spokesman Morgan Hook responded by issuing a statement in which he mentioned "100 percent of the duly elected town board voted in favor of Capital View Casino & Resort." He added, "That an opposition group made up of Occupy Albany members produced an unreliable poll result shouldn't be surprising and is hardly newsworthy."

Save East Greenbush’s Cara Benson:   "I would love for Morgan Hook and the PR team to actually genuinely get to know our community and know why we are opposed."

Benson insists her group has no ties to Occupy Albany, and finds Hook citing the Town Board  "fallacious."

"One of the town board members has had to recuse herself because of ties to the project. Another town board member has withdrawn her support."

The Gaming Commission  could reveal its "final four" list of upstate licensees any day.

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