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Burlington City Council President Kurt Wright Discusses Monday’s Council Agenda

Burlington City Council President Kurt Wright
Pat Bradley/WAMC
Burlington City Council President Kurt Wright

The Burlington, Vermont City council will have a full agenda when it meets on Monday evening. It will decide whether a $30 million proposal to upgrade the city’s waste and storm water system should be put on the November ballot for voter approval.  It will also review a renovation plan for Burlington High School.  At the same time, Council President Kurt Wright says that a Charter Change Committee is reviewing the council’s procedural rules.
“They’re looking at how we handle public forum. I think in current language it says it shall be no longer than 30 minutes. Now we don’t, they may need to clean language up because we don’t follow that. We allow the public to keep going.  They may want to put come limitations on that. I’m not sure if I think if I think that’s a good idea or not. Probably what we have done is if the public goes past we keep letting every member of the public speak. Sometimes it’s difficult because we have business to attend to but you know I think it’s always been we want the public’s comments to get out there. There are a few other things that they’re looking at. How the president enforces the rules of the council in terms of how long the councilors can talk and a number of things like that. Anything to change council rules will have to be approved by the full council.”

The Burlington City Council meets at 7 p.m. Monday at Contois Auditorium in City Hall.

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