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Conversation With Canada’s Top Diplomat In The Northeast U.S.

David Alward, Consul General of Canada in Boston
David Alward/Twitter
David Alward, Consul General of Canada in Boston

A number of government leaders from Canada and the eastern United States attended last week’s annual conference of New England governors and Eastern Canadian premiers in Stowe, Vermont.  Among them was David Alward, the Consul General of Canada in Boston. Before discussing cross-border conference issues, Alward spoke about the Consul General system.
"I am Canada’s senior representative, diplomatic representative, in New England. So because of the size of the relationship Canada and the U.S. have embassies in Ottawa and in Washington and each country have a number of consulates located across the nation responsible for each region so as an example Boston, New York, Atlanta, etc and so."  

There are 12 Canadian Consulate General and three trade commission offices across the U.S. and an embassy in Washington.  The Consul General’s office in Boston covers Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. 

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