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Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger Discusses Re-election And Plans For Third Term

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger
Burlington VT Mayor's Office
Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger

On Town Meeting Day in Vermont, Democratic Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger was re-elected to a third term.  During his victory speech Tuesday evening, he told supporters it had been a hard-fought campaign — one in which he learned from his two challengers.  The mayor spoke with WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley about the results and his plans for the city over the next three years.
“We have three major crises as I see it that will command a lot of our focus over the next three years. One is the opioid crisis. One of the reasons I’m most grateful to keep working is that we have a very important effort underway there that it is starting to gain traction and is saving lives and I think has a potential to really turn the tide in this terrible epidemic in Chittenden County in the years ahead. We have great partners and that. We have momentum with it and that will stay a major focus. We have an affordability crisis in Burlington that we have been very focused on for the last six years. This is why we are working so hard to build more housing for people of all backgrounds, incomes and ages and we know that that effort is starting to succeed. Again I'm very grateful for this too that Burlingtonians are giving this effort three more years to show that we can stabilize the cost of housing and maybe even start to bring it bring it down as we bring more homes particularly in the downtown. And then a third crisis which is really a global crisis is our climate change concerns. And here too you know Burlington is really a leader in showing what cities can do to fight back against climate change. We have some very exciting promising initiatives on the near horizon in terms of encouraging more and more Burlington households to shift over to electric vehicles. We have the district heating plan for the downtown that we are very close to confirming the viability of. Those will be big parts of the next couple years here.”

Mayor Miro Weinberger will be sworn-in to his third term and give his State of the City address on Monday, April 2nd.

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