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Funeral For Pittsfield Police Officer Friday

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The funeral for a Pittsfield, Massachusetts police officer is Friday. Local authorities are planning to give him a proper sendoff.

Police officers and first responders from throughout Berkshire County are expected to bid Pittsfield Police Lieutenant Michael Winston farewell Friday.

With 24 years on the force, the Lanesborough resident died unexpectedly January 5th while on vacation. Pittsfield Police have not specified a cause of death.

A marching and vehicle procession will accompany Winston from Dwyer Funeral Home to nearby St. Charles Church. It starts at 9 a.m. and heads down North Street. Downtown Pittsfield is expected to be closed off during the 45-minute procession.

Winston was 55 years old. He is survived by longtime partner Kate Gleason, three daughters and a son.

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