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Report Disputes Link Between Company And Bennington-Area Water Contamination

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USDA/Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

Scientists hired by a company that reached a $20 million settlement over the contamination of private wells in Vermont say there isn't enough evidence to link the company to contamination in another part of town.
The newly-released report by Saint-Gobain's scientists centers on the area near the Bennington landfill. Vermont Public Radio finds that while the report says PFOA may have leaked from the landfill, it says it cannot connect the contamination to facilities owned by Saint-Gobain.

PFOA, perfluoro-octan-oic acid, has been linked to certain kinds of cancer and thyroid disease.

A representative with the Department of Environmental Conservation says state scientists are reviewing the report, but the department believes the company should pay to extend municipal water to the disputed area.

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