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A Strange Request By Yo-Yo Ma At BSO's 80th

The Boston Symphony Orchestra’s 80th anniversary performance at its Tanglewood summer home in Lenox on Saturday was punctuated by a strange request from cellist Yo-Yo Ma. 

In audio captured by the BSO, the cellist took the microphone on Saturday and asked nearly 14,000 concert-goers to help find conductor David Zinman’s dog, who went missing that morning.

“We have a problem and we would love for you to commit and act a citizen act of Tanglewood,” Ma says. “You, whoever is in Lenox, Stockbridge in this area, can you help out? I mean it, I am really serious.”

Zinman’s four and a half year old Cuban Havanese puppy Carlito was found that night by a Lenox resident – making it a night Zinman, Ma, and Carlito will never forget. 

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