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Stockbridge Bowl Restoration Project Continues

The glass-like surface of Stockbridge Bowl.
Jim Levulis

The plan to dredge and remove an invasive weed from the Stockbridge Bowl in Massachusetts is back on track. 

The $4 million restoration project was tied up in a billing dispute between the town of Stockbridge and its consultant, GZA GeoEnvironmental.

The Stockbridge Bowl – a roughly 370-acre body of water made popular by environmentalists and boaters alike – has been infected with the invasive Eurasian milfoil weed for nearly a decade. 

The actual cost to dredge and remove the invasive weed is about $2 million. The rest of the money is needed for labor, assessment and testing.

Stockbridge Bowl Association president Richard Seltzer spoke with WAMC last year.  

“It’s a calling card for people coming to this area,” Seltzer said. “We enjoy being an important asset and we know it’s our responsibility to maintain it.”

Dredging is expected to start in 2019. 

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