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Egremont, Monterey Try Again To Approve Southern Berkshire Schools Budget

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Lucelia Ribeiro/Flickr

Voters in Egremont and Monterey, Massachusetts will try again to approve an unchanged regional school budget. 

Both towns rejected the Southern Berkshire Regional School District budget at their annual town meetings. The budget shutters South Egremont School for at least a year.

Monterey and Egremont are expected to pay about $1.5 million each for school operating and capital costs, and transportation.

Sheffield, New Marlborough and Alford — which are also a part of the five town regional school district — signaled their approval of the budget by not voting.

The towns will all pay into a monthly contingency budget at level funding after July 1st if a budget is not approved. The state would get involved by Dec. 1st if there is still no budget.  

The meeting in Egremont starts at 7 on Thursday. The Monterey meeting is June 30th

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