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Longtime Burlington, Vt. Mayor Miro Weinberger will not seek re-election

US Military Hopes To Learn From Treatment For Victim Of Chimp Attack


The U.S. military is keeping close tabs on Charla Nash, the former Connecticut woman who was mauled by a rampaging chimpanzee in 2009.The Pentagon paid for Nash's full face transplant in 2012 and is underwriting her recovery too, in hopes of learning things that might help young, seriously disfigured soldiers returning from war.

Around 50 to 60 soldiers might be candidates for a face transplant, the military says.

Nash is about to participate in a Pentagon-funded experiment in which doctors in Boston will try to wean her off the anti-rejection drugs she’s been taking.

Nash says she is glad to take part in research that might someday help thousands of people.

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