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NYS Senator Is Behind A Measure To Help Ease Restaurants' Economic Pain

Lucas Willard

A New York state senator from the Hudson Valley plans to introduce legislation to help provide relief from certain fees placed on restaurants and taverns.

Democratic second-term state Senator James Skoufis says the bill he plans to introduce will limit delivery fees that many restaurants and taverns incur when ordering wine and spirits. Specifically, the bill would prohibit wholesalers from assessing a delivery fee on any order over $200 and authorize a set fee of $7.50 for any order less than $200. Additionally, it would establish a customer fee transparency program, which requires the wholesaler to provide a detailed description of the fee assessment. Plus, Skoufis is calling for "primary source" legislation, carried by Senator Anna Kaplan, to be passed as a package with his delivery fee bill. Primary sourcing would require all foreign alcohol to be distributed by an American entity.

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