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NYS Senator Introduces Bill Requiring Training Pertaining To Domestic Violence

NYS Senator Jen Metzger
Courtesy of the Office of NYS Senator Jen Metzger
NYS Senator Jen Metzger

A New York state senator has introduced legislation to require judges and court clerks to undergo training related to domestic violence.

Democratic state Senator Jen Metzger’s bill would require judges, justices and court clerks who handle matrimonial, family court and criminal matters in New York to attend domestic violence training as part of their mandatory judicial training and education requirements. They’d have to take the 10-hour training every two years. She says about one-half of states require similar training and education. Metzger, along with those who work with domestic violence victims, say elevating awareness in the judiciary system will improve outcomes for survivors and enable judges and clerks to better recognize signs of abuse.

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