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Clearwater Steers Into NYC For Climate Week

The sloop Clearwater
Courtesy of Clearwater
The sloop Clearwater

The sloop Clearwater will sail into New York City this weekend to kick off climate week. 

Clearwater will sail into New York Harbor Sunday. This year’s Climate Summit will focus on rebuilding after COVID-19 and what lessons can be learned in pursuit of a net-zero future. Clearwater will sail beside a flotilla of activist boaters including the schooner, Shearwater. The flotilla is intended to draw attention to climate week and build upon the connection to racial justice.  Clearwater welcomes local boaters to join the flotilla in New York City between the Battery, Governor’s Island, Statue of Liberty and Jersey City between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Sunday. A livestream is expected to be broadcast from onboard the sloop.

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