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In Orange County, 40 Defendants Indicted In Narcotics Sweep

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In New York, Orange County officials announced on Thursday that 40 defendants were indicted for drug trafficking. The indictments stem from a mainly undercover operation.

The 40 defendants were indicted for trafficking drugs including cocaine, heroin, fentanyl and prescription medications. Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler says bail was set on three defendants, though bail was requested for all. He cited New York’s bail reform legislation that limits the courts’ ability to set bail for offenses involving narcotics sales. In one instance, Hoovler had requested bail be set for a defendant on probation for a violent felony. The defendants are from across the county — from Goshen to Middletown to Newburgh to Warwick. Hoovler says some of the cases arose from a “Blue and Gray Detail,” a joint operation that occurred in the City of Newburgh over the summer designed to drive down violent crime.

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