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Poughkeepsie Farm Project Launches A New Program

Courtesy of the Poughkeepsie Farm Project

A member-supported farm in Dutchess County, New York, has a new program to put fresh produce into the kitchens of many students and their families.

The Poughkeepsie Farm Project’s “Poughkeepsie Food Power At Home” program will allow 100 students to take home three Poughkeepsie-grown produce items every week, such as carrots, kale and beets. Each week, students in the Poughkeepsie Farm Project’s after-school programs will prepare recipes in their Poughkeepsie Food Power garden club and then bring home that recipe and the produce needed to prepare the dish with their families. The pilot program kicks off February 28, which is Community Supported Agriculture Day. A $15,000 grant from the Henry Nias Foundation is enabling the mini-CSA program.

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