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OSI Announces Plan to Expand Access To Fahnestock

Rendering by Andrew Trodler, courtesy of the Open Space Institute
Big Woods rendering

The Open Space Institute has a plan to improve recreational access at a state park in the Hudson Valley.

The Open Space Institute has announced plans to upgrade overall public access to Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park, which spans Putnam and Dutchess Counties. OSI’s Fahnestock Improvement Plan will implement major upgrades to the trails between Hubbard Lodge and East Mountain Road, improve access to OSI-protected lands in the northern section of Fahnestock, and help transform State Route 301 into a true park drive. The upgrades include creating a central trailhead to allow visitors access into the heart of the park’s northern half, serviced by a yet-to-be-built access road — Big Woods Drive. The plan includes a new trailhead and parking area near the Appalachian Trail portion of the park.

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