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Beacon Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Courtesy of BQ Energy LLC
Beacon Solar Farm atop a landfill

Officials from a city in Dutchess County, New York have released greenhouse gas inventories.

Beacon officials have released the city’s community and municipal operations Greenhouse Gas Inventories: there are 2012 and 2018 inventories for municipal operations and 2016 and 2018 inventories for the community. City officials estimate that Beacon reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 25 percent since 2012. City Administrator Anthony Ruggiero says that since 2012, the city has saved around $300,000 thanks to an LED streetlight program and a solar farm on the old Denning’s Point landfill. The inventories will serve as the first step to creating two climate action plans: one for Beacon's government operations and one for the community.

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