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NYS Senator Starts Petition Against Planned License Plate Fees


A New York state senator from the Hudson Valley has started an online petition in opposition to a planned $25 fee to renew license plates.

Democratic state Senator David Carlucci continues to call Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan to require New Yorkers to replace their license plates after 10 years “ridiculous” and “unnecessary.” His petition pokes fun at Cuomo’s recent license plate contest that featured five designs, one with the Mario Cuomo Bridge. Carlucci has his own version on the petition, showcasing the bridge with the message, “It Will Always Be The Tappan Zee.” It’s a reference to the controversial naming of the replacement Tappan Zee after Cuomo’s late father and former governor. Meantime, Carlucci co-sponsors Senator James Skoufis’ bill that prevents fees from being charged for the issuance of license plates where the vehicle has legible plates.

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