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Entergy Agrees To Sell Indian Point To Holtec Subsidiary

WAMC, Allison Dunne

Entergy has agreed to a post-shutdown sale of its Indian Point nuclear power plant in New York. With this agreement to sell Indian Point, Entergy has now announced that the sale would be the last of its remaining merchant nuclear fleet slated for decommissioning.

The agreement to sell to a subsidiary of Holtec International was announced Tuesday. Indian Point Unit 2 is slated to shut down in 2020; and Unit 3, in 2021. The sale will be effective after Unit 3 has been shut down and permanently defueled. Following regulatory approvals and the close of the transaction, Holtec plans to initiate decommissioning at Indian Point decades sooner than if Entergy continued to own the units. A more defined timetable will be developed in connection with Holtec's Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report along with a cost estimate to be submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission likely in the fourth quarter of this year. Holtec is also working on the purchase of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Massachusetts, set to shut down June 1.

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