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Westchester County Exec Visits TSA Workers

Amid a partial federal government shutdown, the Westchester County executive visited some TSA workers at Westchester County Airport Wednesday. It is presumed that the workers will be paid retroactively when the shutdown ends.

Democratic County Executive George Latimer visited a few Transportation Security Administration workers at the bustling airport the day after Christmas. Latimer says he wanted to thank the workers and let them know that the county supports them as they work without pay during the partial federal government shutdown.

“As a county government there’s very little we can do directly either in the negotiation or to compensate these people,” Latimer says. “So we have made the gesture through AvPORTS to provide some lunch vouchers for the folks, or dinner vouchers, for the people that come at night. Just a small way to say thank you and to show our concern.”

AvPORTS provide day-to-day management of the airport. Latimer says the vouchers are worth $15.

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