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USCG Shelves Proposal For Hudson River Anchorage Sites

WAMC, Allison Dunne

The U.S. Coast Guard has effectively killed a proposal to establish anchorage sites along the Hudson River. Hudson Valley Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney broke the news late Wednesday, announcing that the Coast Guard would suspend future rulemaking decisions on the matter.

A Coast Guard spokeswoman confirms to WAMC that any rulemaking regarding the designation of additional anchorage sites in the Hudson River has been suspended. This comes after intense opposition to the proposal from lawmakers, environmentalists and business owners. The proposal called for up to 10 anchorage sites between Kingston and Yonkers. The Coast Guard received an unprecedented number of comments — more than 10,000 – when the comment period closed in December. Congressman Maloney, a Democrat, says, he is “glad the Coast Guard has come around to our way of thinking.”

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