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Attorneys File Second Request To Keep Ossining Teen In The U.S.

Attorneys for a Westchester County high school student have filed a second request for the teen to stay in the U.S. The undocumented immigrant from Ecuador was arrested the day of his prom and is being detained, along with his mother, following a deportation order.

Mount Kisco-based Neighbors Link attorneys, who represent 19-year-old Diego Puma Macancela, filed a second stay of removal Friday. Federal immigration officials on Tuesday denied the first request, citing the teen’s alleged gang involvement in Ecuador. The second request contains a letter from the Ecuadorian consulate, saying the Ossining high school student has no criminal record in Ecuador and no current or past affiliation with any gang in the country. In November 2016, asylum applications for Puma Macancela and his mother were denied and deportation orders began.

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