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MTA Steps Up Patrols In Wake Of Paris Terrorist Attacks

New York City Subways.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has increased its patrols and surveillance across its agencies including the Metro-North Railroad in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks on Friday.

Uniformed and plainclothes presence at Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station as well has other major stations throughout the Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Railroad networks have been beefed up.

Police K-9 teams and units with heavy weapons will provide extra protection as well as a noticeable sign of increased security. Railroad customers will also see surge patrols, increased step-on/step-off patrols of trains, and random bag checks at various locations.

State Police and the New York National Guard have been assigned to high-profile MTA locations for more than a year and they are helping secure those locations as well as reassuring the public that the authorities are dedicated to ensuring their safety.

The MTA closely monitors large public events that occur in or near its facilities and will provide heightened awareness of activities there.

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