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Metro-North Secures $20.8 Million To Bolster Hudson Line

Courtesy of Metro-North Railroad

The Federal Transit Administration has granted $20.8 million to Metro-North Railroad to harden its Hudson Line against future storm surge flood events the likes of Superstorm Sandy.

The grant will be used to design and build 92 elevated steel equipment platforms along 30 miles of track from the South Bronx to Croton-Harmon, as well as provide for the design and construction of perimeter protection, waterproofing, hardening of substations and train yard buildings, and installation of video and electronic monitoring of Metro-North facilities and infrastructure.

The grant will be matched by $6.9 million in MTA funds.

More than 50 percent of the Hudson Line right-of-way was submerged during Superstorm Sandy, and power, communications and signal systems that were flooded by salt water were significantly damaged. The storm surge damaged or destroyed fiber optic cables, signal system components such as circuit boards, racks, and relays, and communication infrastructure such as radio base stations.

Metro-North plans to place its communications, power and signal electronic components on raised steel platforms in an effort to prevent damage from corrosive salt water in the event of another storm surge along the Hudson Line in the next 50 years. That equipment includes third rail switches, cases for snow melters, signal power transformers and communications systems pedestals.

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