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Ulster Legislature Approves Ellenville Million Appropriation

Nevele Resort, Casino & Spa


Not getting a casino at the former Nevele resort was a big blow to the economic hopes of the Wawarsing and Ellenville area.  Ulster legislators agreed to a proposal to ease the blow, somewhat.

Former legislator and now Wawarsing Supervisor Leonard Distel spoke during public comment at the start of the monthly legislative session.

“The Town of Wawarsing was hurt by not receiving the casino license,” Distel said.  “We are working with the executives of the Montreign casino to turn a negative into a positive.  We still have high hopes for the redevelopment of the 540 acres of the Nevele property.”

Montreign is the one casino that was approved for the Catskills, in neighboring Sullivan County and a 40-minute drive from Ellenville. 

The legislature voted 21 to 2 to accept the recommendations of Ellenville Million Committee, appointed by County Executive Michael Hein. 

Among the major appropriations:

  • $175,000 “soft landing” fund for developers and new businesses
  • $150,000 to help defray costs of needed water and sewer infrastructure improvements
  • $150,000 for expansion of outdoor recreational opportunities
  • $150,000 to provide high-speed internet along the Route 209 corridor

Democrat Legislator Jeanette Provenzano, of Kingston, favored the resolution, citing what she called unusual circumstances.
 “I happen to be one of the ones that agree that it should be Ellenville and Wawarsing should be the first ones to receive that money because it affects them the most,” Provenzano said.

All but two legislators agreed.  The ‘no’ votes came from Democrats Tracey Bartels and Ken Wishnick. 

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