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NJ Lawmakers Oppose Tuxedo Casino Project

Genting Americas

One of the six proposed casinos for Orange County is being opposed by lawmakers across the state line, but the developer remains committed.

Genting Americas’ proposed Sterling Forest Resort in Tuxedo, which has been met with opposition by some area residents and environmentalists, now faces opposition by the New Jersey State Senate, which on Monday unanimously voted to approve a resolution urging New York State not to approve any proposal to build in or near Sterling Forest, saying the proposed resort casino would affect a watershed that supplies drinking water for 3 million New Jersey residents. Genting Americas spokesman Michael Levoff shrugged off the news.

“You’ve heard about Atlantic City continuing downward spiral. There’s now talks of casinos expansion even in northern New Jersey,” says Levoff. “I think that what we see coming out of New Jersey is essentially political theatre.”

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