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Lalor calls for gas tax cap

WAPPINGERS FALLS – Republican State Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor announced Tuesday that he will introduce legislation to cap tax on gasoline at the national average. While standing at a Wappingers Falls gas station, the freshman lawmaker also urged residents to call Governor Cuomo’s price gouging hotline to demand Albany “stop the tax gouging at the pump.”

Lalor said a gas tax cap would save motorists 20 cents per gallon.

He said New Yorkers pay an average of 50.6 cents per gallon in tax at the pump. “We have the change to give New Yorkers a real break at the pump by capping the gas tax,” he said. “It’s a regressive tax that hits hardest those who can least afford it.

“New Yorkers pay the highest gas taxes in the country, 65 percent higher than the national average,” Lalor said. “Charging drivers 65 percent more than competing states is gouging by any definition.” He called on taxpayers to log onto the governor’s website at www.dos.ny.gov and report tax gouging.