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FBI Considers Moving Goshen Office to Crime-Stricken Newburgh

  The recent crime wave in Newburgh is all the more reason for the FBI to move its Goshen office to the city, Police Chief Michael Ferrara says.

In recent weeks, there have been two killings as well as shootings and stabbings.

Ferrara said a greater federal law enforcement presence would be helpful to the crime fighting efforts in the cash strapped city.

“I was sorry a few years back when they decided to put a federal court in a jurisdiction other than the City of Newburgh,” Ferrara said. “I would have liked to have that also, because federal agencies, state and local agencies, all working out of a municipality like Newburgh would add to having county, city and cars that are law enforcement related in and out of our town.”

Several years ago, the feds build a district court in Middletown.

Newburgh continues to be short staffed in the police department and city officials are exploring ways to increase their ranks.