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Orange County Budget Hinges on Valley View

Orange County Executive Edward Diana has just over a month before he must present his proposed 2013 county budget to the legislature.  He has prided himself with bringing in fiscally conservative spending plans with little to no property tax hikes.

Last year’s proposal was a tough one as that is when he defunded the county’s Valley View nursing home after June 30. The county legislature earlier this year restored funds through September, but the county’s 2013 budget picture hinges on the future of the nursing home. Diana’s fear is that lawmakers will let slide all four purchase proposals by private companies, and that, he said could put the county in a very serious position.

“The next option is bankruptcy and I’m telling you, not under my watch, no way, no how,” Diana said. “We’ve all worked too hard together to make this the best county in the State of New York and the best financially run in the State of New York.”

Diana pointed to accomplishments during his administration – a triple-A bond rating, reducing taxes, consolidating services, and reducing workforce.

The county executive said he will unveil the specifics of his budget plan in five weeks.