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Mandate Relief Will Benefit BOCES System

Three Democratic Hudson Valley state lawmakers applauded a new law that will provide mandate relief to BOCES systems by generating new revenue and saving taxpayers money.

“The new law will be a great opportunity for BOCES to not only share their innovative educational curricula and programs with schools, facility and students outside the state, but also less the burden on taxpayers by raising revenue from other sources beyond New York,” Assemblywoman Sandy Galef said on Monday.

Senator David Carlucci also said the relief will provide benefits for BOCES.

“This will allow them to have contracts with out-of-state school districts to allow them to purchase school curriculum and also allows the BOCES school district to accept students from other states into the classroom,” Carlucci said. “So, in some cases where a classroom might not be able to be filled because they don’t have enough students, this would allow them to then fill those classes and accept that additional tuition from out-of-state residents.”

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin said the new law is “a cost-effective way to enhance BOCES programs and to support our students without increasing costs to taxpayers.”