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Metro-North Has No Plans to Extend Service

Some 15 years ago, there was discussion about the possibility of extending Metro-North’s commuter service on its Hudson Line beyond its northernmost station in Poughkeepsie. The idea of going further north to Rhinecliff died.

There are currently no plans to extend the service now, but Metro-North President Howard Permut said other work is underway on that stretch of rail, which is also used by Amtrak.

“The State of New York, who subsidizes the Amtrak service, has entered into a deal between Amtrak and CSX who owns the rail line north of Poughkeepsie,” Peremut said. “They are making improvements now and at this point in time we are working with them to make improvements in Poughkeepsie and between Poughkeepsie and Spitendivel where we share the trackage, but at this point, the focus with the state is on improving the Amtrak service to Albany.”

Permut said discussion about extending Metro-North service to Rhinecliff died earlier because of political pressure. Amtrak does stop in Rhinecliff.