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"Constitution Pipeline" Debate Continues

The propsed 120-mile long "Constitution Pipeline" would transport natural gas produced by hydrofracking in Northern Pennsylvania to a terminal in the town of Wright, Schoharie County, where it would then be sent on to existing lines in the area.  Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Dave Lucas has an update on the project.

During a press conference earlier this week, Senator James Seward and Assemblyman Pete Lopez expressed support for an alternate route for the pipeline which would follow the I-88 corridor.

Schoharie Town Supervisor Gene Milone has been an outspoken opponent of the pipeline project, which he believes will act as a "magnet for hydrofracking"

Constitution Pipeline declares on its website "The proposed pipeline is being designed to transport natural gas that has already been produced in Pennsylvania, not New York."

Jim Barber operates a farm in Middleburgh that's been in his family since the 1850s. The 2011 flood damaged his house and devastated what would have been the fall harvest. Barber is concerned the pipeline will result in permanent damage to farmland throughout the Schoharie Valley.

Officials estimate the pipeline could be operational by 2015: Constitution spokesman Chris Stockton says for the time being there is no "set in stone" pipeline plan.  Stockton says there are a lot of different ways gas can be transported from Pennsylvania up to Albany and the company is trying to balance the environmental, landowner and safety concerns ...

Ann Marie Garti is a homeowner in Delaware County - she argues the pipeline is simply not needed. Garti points out that the gas would be sent to foreign markets.

Constitution's Chris Stockton says the public is welcome to come and discuss pipeline plans with company officials -• July 25, 6:30-8:30 p.m. in Delaware County at Franklin Central School, 26 Institute Street, Franklin.
• July 26, 6:30-8:30 p.m. in Schoharie County at Best Western Cobleskill, 121 Burgin Drive, Cobleskill.