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Paul Elisha: The 2nd Amendment, Still Fertile for Second Guessers

It’s time we stopped dancing around the obvious institutional source of the U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment assertion of everyone’s right to own and utilize any kind of firearm and for any purpose.  The amendment’s explicit language has been twisted and stretched beyond any semblance of reason and sanity for the perverse purposes of profiteers, predators and promiscuous egocentrics.  For the safety and security of Americans of this and all future generations, it’s time to apply truth and principled logic to the cogent language of actionable law.

Those who most vehemently verbalize, about their inalienable right to possess sufficient armament and ammunition to pulverize anyone they deem undeserving of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, for reasons they’ve construed as lethally un-American, are apparently unconcerned about the 2nd Amendment’s starkly restrictive preamble, which was obviously meant to make anyone to whom such deadly armaments are available rightfully concerned, about how and by whom such awesome power is unleashed.

The Amendment’s opening phrase is as starkly succinct and as limiting as its authors could have worded it.  “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,”… It’s obvious that the “well regulated militia” was deemed by our founders to be more important and necessary, than some itchy-fingered sharpshooter with a scathing personal score to settle.

Superseding all the diverse professional and technically advanced military organizations, now existent and available to The United States, this nation’s first Militia depended on the tempered tact and tenacity of its members, to stand firm and steadfast for whatever response their fellow citizens’ security depended upon.  It was a tall order but they met the test.  The incisive question, in light of all that has occurred to test us, throughout the intervening centuries, is how well can we Americans, all-together, meet the all-important tests that our national security depends and will continue to depend upon… in the vicissitudes of the here and now?

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