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Albany Councilor Questions "Secret" Task Force Meeting

Albany 9th ward Common Councilor Judy Doesschate.
Albany 9th ward Common Councilor Judy Doesschate.

An Albany Common Councilor is raising concerns about what she claims was a "secret" meeting of a task force created by City Hall to distribute $85 million dollars in federal COVID relief.

Ninth ward Councilor Judy Doesschate raised questions during Wednesday’s session.  She says a 1 p.m. meeting April 23rd took place with no press release and no notice to residents, telling WAMC “this is not the way to engender the public’s trust.”   "I find it alarming, disconcerting..."

Doesschate claims no councilors were informed about the meeting, except the four who serve on the task force.

Council President Corey Ellis:  "I don't feel there was a secret meeting. Council members and public officials were invited to that meeting and when council members are invited to a meeting they share what goes on in that meeting to other council members."

BONUS AUDIO: Judy Doesschate leads discussion of task force during April 28 virtual Common Council meeting.


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