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Berkshire Mountain Distillers: Cocktails and Botanicals

Berkshire Mountain Distillers set-up in the front office of WAMC

Berkshire Mountain Distillers was established in 2007 and has created a line of award-winning artisanal spirits including Greylock Gin, Ethereal Gins, Ragged Mountain Rum, Ice Glen Vodka, Berkshire Bourbon and New England Corn Whiskey. All products are handcrafted in small batches in Great Barrington, Massachusetts at the Berkshire’s first legal distillery since prohibition.

BMD is one of the founding members of the craft distiller movement and is embraced by several of the nation’s leading mixologists.

As we head into the holiday weekend and begin to catch a glimpse of summer in the rearview mirror, BMD Founder, Owner and Distiller Chris Weld joins us to talk about Berkshire Mountain Distillers, and fall cocktails and botanicals.

Cocktail recipes: Whiskey Sour
Dry shake 6 mint leaves with ice
1.5 oz Berkshire Bourbon
3 oz Sour mix
Strain and serve over ice in a cocktail glass

Fall Gin Fizz
2 oz Berkshire Mountain Distillers Gin (any variety)
½ oz fresh lemon juice
½ oz real maple syrup
4 oz fresh apple cider
Stir with ice
Strain into Collins glass with ice
Top with club soda

Bourbon and Thyme
2 oz Berkshire Bourbon
½ oz maple syrup
½ oz fresh lemon juice
Shake with Ice
Pour into cocktail glass and garnish with thyme

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