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The Academic Minute for 2015.2-9 - 2.13

Catch up with The Academic Minute from 2.9 - 2.13

Monday, February 9
Frank Frisch - Chapman University  
Osteoporosis and Stress Factors
Dr. Frank Frisch is a professor of kinesiology at Chapman University in Orange, California. He earned his PhD at the University of South California specializing in working with bone metabolism and science education. A recipient of numerous awards, Dr. Frisch currently teaches biology and human nutrition.
Tuesday, February 10
Rhett Brymer - Miami University           
Referee Bias in NCAA Football
Dr. Rhett Brymer is the John Mee Endowed Assistant Professor of management at The Farmer School of Business at Miami University. He sits on the Journal of Management Editorial Board (2013-present) and earned his PhD from Texas A&M in 2012.
Wednesday, February 11
David Cox - University of Surrey   
The World's Smallest Snowman
Dr. David Cox is a research fellow at the University of Surrey’s Nanoelectronics Centre. He went to the University of Surrey as a post-doc microscopist, initially in the School of Electronic Engineering, and now works in the Advanced Technology Institute, as a research fellow. During the last seven years, he has been seconded to the National Physical Laboratory as strategic research fellow where he works in the Quantum Detection group. His main role in the group is as a fabricator of devices for other members of the group to measure. He now spends most of his time machining, welding and fabricating things at the micro and nano scale.

Thursday, February 12
Somshuvra Mukhopadyay - UT Austin
Unlocking Parkinson's Disease
Dr. Somshuvra Mukhopadhyay is an assistant professor of toxicology and pharmacology at The University of Texas at Austin. At the Mukhopadhyay Lab, he is working to understand how intracellular trafficking regulates physiologically relevant cellular processes and how defects in trafficking alter cell physiology to induce human disease.

Friday, February 13
Rob Hillier - Norwich University of the Arts      
The Sylexiad Typeface
Dr. Robert Hillier is a Senior Lecturer at Norwich University of the Arts. He designed and developed the Sylexiad range of fonts for adult dyslexic readers as part of his doctoral research. Hillier has presented his research findings at numerous design institutions and conferences, including the Design Principles and Practices Conference at University of California, Los Angeles (2012) and the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI)) Conference in Reykjavik (2011). Sylexiad has been featured in publications including, Communication Arts, Baseline, Novum, Étapes, Slanted, Ultrabold and the Journal of Writing in Creative Practice. A chapter about the typeface is also featured in the book Supporting Dyslexic Adults in Higher Education and the Workplace (2012). Sylexiad was included as part of the NEVERODDOREVEN exhibition at The Serpentine Gallery, London (2007). Hillier’s solo exhibitions include List Landscapes at The Norwich Arts Centre (2010) and Typologies. Making lists, marking time at the St. Bride Library, London. He has also exhibited work in the USA, Germany and South Korea and has won many information book design awards. His most recent project is “To-ing”, a self-authored book that is part of the Tate Special Collections at Tate Britain (2013). For more, visit RobsFonts.com.

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