Albany County Land Bank Corporation

An Albany County Land Bank program that offers vacant lots for $100 is returning for the month of June in an expanded form.

Many of the city's dilapidated structures are marked with a red "X" which lets emergency responders know the building is on the "too dangerous to enter" list.
WAMC photo by Dave Lucas

With a major downtown fire and a building’s near-collapse making headlines in recent days, Albany officials say local officials remain committed to rehabbing blighted blocks.

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan appeared outside two buildings being rehabbed along Clinton Avenue's 300 block Tuesday afternoon, to kick off a $1 million vacant building initiative.
WAMC photo by Dave Lucas

In a bid by the city to stave off urban decay, Albany homeowners and developers can now apply for up to $50,000 to purchase and rehabilitate blighted buildings.

Albany leaders say the city is working hard to provide affordable housing to both owners and renters. Efforts to continue along that path are being supported by various agencies, including the Albany County Land Bank.

Like so many other cities across the nation, Albany has had to deal with urban blight and aging infrastructure. When an old house along the city's storied Clinton Avenue crumbled, the mayor took immediate action.