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Programming Notes: November 2015

Stuffed, yet ready for more

Well, WAMC-land, I’ve already been working on my stuffing recipe (carb count be damned!), and I, for one, can’t wait to spend some long overdue time with my family, baking and catching up. Make sure you tune in on Thanksgiving and ‘ThanksFriday’ because we’ll have some great programs to listen to while you’re cooking your tofurky or turduken and heating up those leftovers.

Beginning at 9AM, Giving Thanks: A Celebration of Fall, Food & Gratitude will treat us with music and stories for Thanksgiving. We’ll hear from three special guests during this two-hour special. The first is an artist in the kitchen and an artist at the piano: Christopher Kimball, founder, editor, and publisher of Cook's Illustrated Magazine and host of public television's most-watched cooking show, America's Test Kitchen. He'll take us to his Vermont farm for a New England Thanksgiving and talk about the experiences for which he's most grateful.

Then Stephen Hough, world famous concert pianist, composer, prize-winning poet and MacArthur genius, will share his wonderful essay "Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving" which he wrote for the London Telegraph. We'll also hear excerpts from his favorite Thanksgiving author, Willa Cather, plus his new Grieg album. And last, but certainly not least, Patrick Stewart will read autumn poems from John Keats and Antonio Vivaldi.

Stay with us at 11AM for the perennial Thanksgiving with Cantus. Cantus is one of the premiere men's vocal ensembles and host Alison Young will talk about the holiday, music, and food.

At noon, we’ll join the nation in airing Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” then head into MiddayMagazine. At 1PM you can enjoy a little more Arlo and hear Alan’s 2012 conversation with him about his career and the song that keeps on giving.

We’re going to shake things up a little at 2PM, and bring you the hour long special Van Morrison: Duets. Though it’s taken a while, Van Morrison never gave up on his idea to sing duets with some of his favorite artists. Once it got rolling, the singers came to Morrison – including Mavis Staples, Michael Buble, Joss Stone TajMahal, Mark Knopfler and more. Throughout the hour, we’ll hear from Van Morrison himself about how he chose the songs from his vast catalog to rework as duets, plus songs from the album.

The specials aren’t over yet. We know you need something to get you through the craziness of Black Friday. At 9AM, we’re going to help you save some $$ this shopping season with Marketplace Takes Care of Holiday Business. During this hour, the MarketplaceWeekend team looks at where the holidays meet money. Host Lizzie O'Leary is joined by some of APM's biggest names to explore that intersection, tell some stories, and help you financially navigate the holiday season.

What are you grateful for? It's a more important question than you might think. At 10AM, we’ll explore The Science of Gratitude and how feeling grateful may be the true key to health and happiness. The program is narrated by the Academy Award-winning Susan Sarandon.

How many of us have had that friend or relative who just doesn’t get that you push in your chair when getting up from the table or decides that it’s proper to wear their hat indoors? The holiday season can be a minefield when it comes to good behavior. At 11AM, we’ll have just the thing for you. Awesome Holiday Etiquette is an entertaining way to learn how you can take some of the stress out of being social during the holidays. Hosts Lizzie Post and Dan Post Senning - the great-great-grandchildren of etiquette icon Emily Post - will talk with friends and special guests about etiquette throughout the season - from food to decorating to social situations. They will answer etiquette questions from listeners and invite storytellers to tell the tales of their biggest Holiday wins (or fails).

Rounding out our two days of specials is a new one hour conversation between Alan Chartock and a Culinary Institute of America chef, who will advise you on what to do with all of those leftovers. You know the deal, you have some candied yams left, a couple spoons of green bean casserole, a ton of turkey, yet no gravy… the problems go on and on, and they will help you reinvent your leftovers into dishes that will become annual traditions. 

So, may your fat pants have plenty of room to expand (mine certainly will), the squirrels not steal your corn and pumpkin decorations, and you arrive at your destinations safely.