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Programming Notes: April 2014

‘Spring is here, spring is here,’ sang the bird…

The vernal equinox has officially brought us into spring.  The snow drops and crocus are poking through the ground, animals are coming out of hibernation, and April showers will wash away all the dreaded salt from our cars and roads.

This month, we will be featuring a few specials to celebrate Passover and Earth Day. On Monday, April 14th at 11AM, host Claire Schoen will bring us the one-hour program, Illuminations:Jewish Culture in the Light of the World. Stories Make the World looks at how societies use storytelling to define culture and to make sense of the world we live in and Judaism has a rich storytelling tradition. This program is full of wonderful tales from around the world, both Jewish and others. These stories not only explore the cultural roots of the societies they come from, but also show how stories can help people speak to one another across traditions.

The following week, we’ll be airing the three part Earth Day series, RISE:  Climate Change and Coastal Communities. The series airs at 11 AM, beginning Monday April 21st and running through Wednesday April 23rd. Rising sea levels bring high tides and high waves to our shores. Extreme weather events cause our rivers to flood. It is no longer possible to halt all the impacts coming with climate change. It is time to start adapting to those changes that are now inevitable. RISE looks to the San Francisco Bay Area for answers. Here are stories of men and women living at the water’s edge, in the path of a rising tide. How they respond can provide a model for people everywhere in the face of this growing global crisis.

So may the fresh spring air fill your lungs, and the sun’s Vitamin D push the winter blues away.