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The Marijuana Industry 5/13/21

Marijuana buds in someone's palm.

Today on the program we are going to discuss common questions and misconceptions about marijuana. WAMC's Ray Graf hosts. 

16 states, including Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York, have legalized recreational use of cannabis. The legal marijuana industry in the U.S. generated over $13 billion dollars and growing fast. To help us better understand this industry, we have two guests today.

Marc Aronoff is CEO and Founder of TLC Consultants, a consulting firm specializing in wellness seminars and executive mentoring for companies and individuals. Marc has worked with IBM, Pfizer, and AT&T. Marc is also the author of “The Cannabis Craze: A Practical Guide for Parents and Teens” which takes a look at the psychology behind adolescent use of marijuana. Marc focuses on the effects of marijuana on quality of life. 

Thomas Winstanley is a Berkshires native and the Director of Marketing for Theory Wellness, a vertically integrated cannabis brand in Massachusetts. In his two years at Theory, he's helped the company transition from medical to recreational sales and helps support their growth through public education and demystifying the state's emerging cannabis industry.

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