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Vox Pop : What Does 'Freedom' Mean To You? : 7/3/12

Today we’re talking freedom – which, according to the dictionary, can mean exemption from external control, the power to determine action without restraint, or national independence.

That leads us to Independence Day, celebrated tomorrow on the Fourth of July, a day when we, as Americans, are supposed to celebrate our freedom as afforded by our fore fathers with the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

We know the historical significance of this day, but what of the idea of freedom? Are we, as the citizens of a nation, any more or less free than when we declared ourselves as such those 200 plus years ago?

Whether you’ll spend tomorrow at the grill, or the ball park, or just lounging in front of the television, we want to know what freedom means to you. WAMC’s Ray Graf hosts.