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Tanglewood Tickets for the BSO or Boston Pops

Shed at Tanglewood

A few weeks ago,  our generous friends at Tanglewood gave WAMC one hundred pairs of undated lawn tickets for the BSO and Boston Pops.   They ran out in a matter of hours!   But thanks to  their continued generosity, WAMC can offer a limited number of additional pairs of undated Tanglewood  lawn tickets - while they last.   These tickets  can be used for any BSO or Boston Pops performance at Tanglewood this season.  For a $100 pledge.  You can pledge online at WAMC.org .  Click pledge now.   And be sure to put it in the comment line that you want the UNDATED TANGLEWOOD TICKETS.

All money raised will be put in the Locked Box for the next Fund Drive.  Hurry – there are a limited number of these tickets.  

Click Pledge Now or call 1-800-323-9262, ext. 171 to get your tickets now.