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"Mike Nichols: A Life" By Mark Harris

Book cover and film posters
Book cover: Penguin Press/ Surrounding: Public Domain

Mark Harris is the author of the new biography, "Mike Nichols: A Life." In it, Harris explores the life, work, struggle of the celebrated film director, stage director, and improv comedian who was one of the most creative forces in American entertainment history.

Following a difficult, lonely adolescence, Nichols left for college in Chicago, then returned to New York in the mid-1950s, where he burst onto the scene as half of a groundbreaking improv duo with Elaine May that was the talk of the country.

He went on to enjoy parallel careers of nearly fifty years as a celebrated film and stage director (including "Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?," "The Graduate," "Silkwood," "Working Girl," and "Angels in America") and stage director (winning eight Tony Awards for his work on Broadway).

Mark Harris is the acclaimed author of "Pictures at a Revolution" and "Five Came Back" and writer and columnist for New York Magazine.

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