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An Oral History Of 9/11

Book cover "The Only Plane in the Sky"

This fall, the first class of students born after 9/11 are beginning college, and in recent months the first applicants to the New York City fire department began applying to join the ranks of a department still haunted by the loss of 343 of its members. Similarly, the first military recruits born after 9/11 began in recent months to be deployed to the wars the attacks launched and to Guantanamo Bay to guard the al-Qaeda prisoners captured on battlefields before they were born.

Garrett Graff is the author of the new book "The Only Plane In The Sky: An Oral History of 9/11." It’s the first comprehensive oral history of that day from hundreds of oral histories with government officials, first responders, survivors, family members, and more.

As 9/11 shifts from memory to history even while we continue to fight in wars that began as a consequence to that day’s events, the narrative told is in the voices of those who lived it.

Garrett Graff is a magazine journalist and historian. He has spent more than a dozen years covering politics, technology, and national security. He’s written for publications from Wired to The New York Times, and served as the editor of both the Washingtonian and POLITICO Magazines.

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