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Michael Pisaro’s “A Wave And Waves” At The Clark Art Museum

A Wave and waves by Michael Pisaro cover art

Michael Pisaro’s “A Wave and Waves” performance on Sunday at 1p.m. at The Clark Art Museum in Williamstown, MA is a rare, deep listening experience in which listeners are immersed in an ocean of sound. Colossal percussive waves are created by layers of imperceptibly soft sounds: sandpaper on stone, seeds falling on glass, bowed bells; which form a textural landscape bristling with detail. The 74-minute work employs 100 performers, arranged on a grid, with the audience embedded within.

There will be two separate performances at The Clark on Sunday -- the first is a 74 minute performance. It will be conducted by Matthew Gold and features performers including members of the Talujon Percussion Ensemble, the Williams Percussion Ensemble and guests from the community. The second is a performance by Talujon.

Matthew Gold is the Artist in Residence in Percussion and Contemporary Music Performance at Williams College and will be conducting Sunday’s performance. 

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